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Adsense Converter

Here is the perfect tool for converting your JavaScript Ad code into the required format for your blog or website hosted in Blogger or WordPress platform. This excellent tool which is handy and easy to use automatically converts your javascript ad code from AdSense, Chtika, AdBrite, Clicksor or any other javascript code to work perfectly for your content. Just follow the below steps to convert your code.

Step 1 - Copy your JavaScript code from Adsense/AdBrite etc by selecting all content by CTRL+A and then pressing CTRL+C for copying the given code.

Step 2 - Paste your JavaScript code copied in the below given tool and then click on "Convert", the code after pressing "convert" automatically gets converted into the required format.

Step 3 - Now just copy the converted code and paste it wherever you want to use this code. It will work perfectly for your blog or website to display advertisements etc.

Blogger AdSense Code Converter 
It's perfect for converting AdSense, AdBrite, Chitika or any other javascript ad code you may have. Confused? Start with the Blogger Ad Code Converter article ...

Google Adsense Converter
If you want to add Adsense Ad units or any other ad scripts inside the Blogger Post or anywhere in the Blog, You can't directly Paste it in the template code. You need to first convert the code using this HTML Entities Encoder tool and then you can put ads anywhere you want ;)

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